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We have prepared thousands of personal tax returns for homeowners all over the Chicagoland area, and we found that most homeowners were upset at their property tax bill each and every year. As a value added service, we wanted to provide to our customers a simple cost effective way for them to appeal their property taxes. By working with Property Tax Reduction Group, we have accomplished this.

Property Tax Reduction Group provides a simple approach for filing property tax reduction petitions. They enable homeowners to become property tax experts, and keep an easy monitor on their property taxes year after year. Application paperwork is reduced so they can provide a low predictable fee for processing your appeal.

Beyond appealing your assessed value:

Homeowner Exemption
Senior Citizen Exemption
Long-time Occupant Exemption
Senior Freeze Exemption
Home Improvement Exemption
Returning Veterans Exemption
Disable Veterans Homeowner Exemption
Disabled Persons Exemption